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Mouth Guards

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Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

It’s important to protect your smile, especially if you play sports or lead an active lifestyle. Mouth guards are a successful way to keep your smile and any appliances in your mouth safe from fly balls or pucks, skateboarding injuries, or any sort of excessive force. Even noncontact sports, like swimming or gymnastics, can cause injuries to your mouth. Mouth guards are especially important for those who wear braces, retainers, or have dental implants or other replacement teeth. A mouth guard can also help people who grind their teeth at night protect them from wearing down. At Hull and Appel Family Dentistry, we can custom create a mouth guard to perfectly fit your smile. Custom-made mouth guards are more comfortable and offer more protection than store bought mouth guards.


Making a custom-fitted mouth guard is a fairly simple process. We create a mold of your teeth and gums and then fit the mouth guard to the mold. It’s important to remember to keep the mouth guard clean to maintain a healthy mouth. You should rinse your mouth after each use, and clean it with mild soap and a toothbrush. We’ll give you a secure case to store it in when you’re not wearing the mouth guard. Having it in a case is especially important when you’re traveling; this will ensure that the mouth guard doesn’t crack or become damaged if it’s bouncing around in a duffel bag or purse. You should bring your mouth guard with you to check ups at our office so we can make sure it’s functioning well and there is no wear. Ask Ask Drs. Appel, Caton, or McGlumphy about getting your custom-made mouth guard to protect your smile!

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