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Children Dentistry

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Children Dentistry

Children Dentistry

Your child’s first tooth comes in at around the age of 6 months, but their oral health is important starting from the moment they are born. Even before their first tooth comes in, it’s important to keep their gums clean by wiping them with a very soft, damp washcloth. After several teeth are visible, make sure to buy a toothbrush designed specially for babies. By initiating proper oral hygiene with your children in their first 2 years of life and establishing an oral hygiene regimen, you’ll be prepping them to maintain good oral hygiene for the rest of their lives. Even though your child will eventually replace their baby teeth with a new set keeping that first set healthy is important as well. We may get a second set of teeth, but our gums are with us forever. At Hull and Appel we are happy to help keep your child’s smile bright and happy.

Good oral hygiene goes beyond just preventing cavities. Oral health early in life will affect oral health later in life. By protecting your child’s teeth and gums, you will be reducing their chances of needing filings, crowns or caps, bridges, and other restorative measures when they become adults.

Plan your child’s first visit to the dentist by age 3, but bring them along to one of your visits beforehand, so they can see what the dentist is all about. By visiting us every six months we can remove any plaque build up on your child’s teeth to prevent the spread of bacteria that could eventually lead to more serious oral health issues. Seeing your child’s big, beautiful smile is even more rewarding when you know it’s a healthy smile too.

Patient Testimonials

We don’t just measure our relationships with our patients in years, but decades. See what our patients are saying about us.

“Very accommodating… top notch service from the receptionist to the dentist and the assistant… I left feeling relieved and happy.”

—  Charles Beatty

“Every detail of the visit, you are made to feel comfortable and welcome. I actually look forward to going to the dentist!”


—  Carolyn White

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