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Dentures/Removable Partials

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Dentures/Removable Partials

Dentures/Removable Partials

Dentures are replacement teeth that are removable. Think of dentures as a very secure retainer that looks like your gums and has porcelain teeth. One advantage of dentures is that they are very easy to keep clean because you can remove the replacement teeth to clean them to keep your smile bright. Dentures are an easy and cost-effective way to maintain a beautiful and functional smile.

There are two types of dentures: complete and partial.

Complete dentures are exactly that—a completely new set of teeth and gums. They can be made before any leftover teeth are removed, and these are called “immediate dentures.” Immediate dentures are usually used as a temporary complete denture until conventional dentures can be made because they require a lot of adjustments while your gums heal. Your bones and gums shrink during the healing process, which is why conventional dentures are made from a mold of your gums after they heal. Complete dentures have a better fit than immediate dentures, and so are used for long-term results.

Partial dentures are used to replace only a few teeth, so you don’t have to get leftover teeth removed. This type of denture consists of a few teeth attached to a gum-colored base. Occasionally we use a type of metal framework to connect multiple replacement teeth and gums and to secure the denture in your mouth. A partial denture will fill in gaps in your smile to give you a more confident smile, but it will also prevent other teeth from shifting into the gap and damaging your gums or jaw.

Dentures are very natural looking appliances; most people will never notice that you are wearing replacement teeth. All they will notice is that your smile looks fuller and brighter. Dentures can give you confidence because you will have a full set of pearly whites to flash at the world.

Patient Testimonials

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“Very accommodating… top notch service from the receptionist to the dentist and the assistant… I left feeling relieved and happy.”

—  Charles Beatty

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—  Carolyn White

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