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Emergency Treatment

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Emergency Treatment

Emergency Treatment

Dental emergencies can be serious, so make sure to call us immediately if you believe you may require emergency treatment. The sooner we can treat the issue, the better chance your recovery will be quick and easy.

Here’s what you should do in some common dental emergencies:

  • If your tooth chips or breaks, try and save any pieces that fall out. Rinse your mouth out so that any stray pieces of tooth do not scratch your gums. Hold a cold compress to the tooth and its surrounding area to reduce any swelling and to help manage the pain. Call us immediately so we can repair your tooth.

  • In the event your tooth gets knocked out, save the tooth. Rinse it off without touching the root in case it gets dirty, and then try to push your tooth back into place facing the correct way. Do not try and force the tooth back into its socket. If you cannot get the tooth back into place, save it in a small container filled with milk. Again, call us as soon as possible so we can try to save your natural tooth.

  • If your tooth gets moved within its socket, you can relieve pain with a cold compress and an over-the-counter pain reliever. Do not try to pull the tooth back into place; instead, come to our office immediately.

  • For a lost filling, you can insert sugar free gum into the cavity until you can get into our office.

  • If you lose a crown, make an appointment with us right away. If you can’t get into see us immediately, you can try to put the crown back into place after coating the inside with toothpaste to help secure the crown.

  • For a severe toothache or an abscess, you should come into our office as soon as possible. A pimple-shaped swelling on the gum near the tooth may be a sign of an abscess, so if you notice this type of swelling make an appointment with us right away.

In the event of any pain, call us and make an appointment. There is no reason for you to suffer when there is likely a simple solution to whatever is causing your pain!

Patient Testimonials

We don’t just measure our relationships with our patients in years, but decades. See what our patients are saying about us.

“Very accommodating… top notch service from the receptionist to the dentist and the assistant… I left feeling relieved and happy.”

—  Charles Beatty

“Every detail of the visit, you are made to feel comfortable and welcome. I actually look forward to going to the dentist!”


—  Carolyn White

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